Who is Javi?





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Who is Javi ?


Javi is a little colourful pajarito (Spanish for parrot) who will be a recurring character throughout the Javi Book Series.


The serial will be featuring educational topics for children age 6 to 10.


Javi's role in these books is to explore the topics with the child while providing companionship, guidance and advice. A friend who will help your child, niece/nephew, sibling or grandchild to overcome difficulties, fear or insecurities.


Even though each book will deal with another subject, Javi will always be present; welcoming the children and ready to take them on another journey.





Who is Javi




The first copy will be published in German first. An English translation will follow shortly afterwards. The book will be also available in Spanish this year. Other languages (for instance Polish and Swedish) will also be available by the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

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