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All the people listed below are my fantastic contributors and the owner of the first copy of the Javi Series!

The people on this list are visionaries with a big heart, who belong to the Crème de la Crème.

The Masters, the one and only
Investors in the Javi Series.

Be one of these awesome people and contribute to my educational children's book.
No investment is too small; every single contribution counts!

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Every investor that contributes at least 25 EUR, will receive a copy of the finished book! As a token of appreciation it's a 25% OFF the regular price, during the campaign only. As well as a return of your investment.

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What is the money for?

The book is already written.
I will need 5.700 EUR to fund the last and extremely important steps to POLISH, FINISH, DESIGN and PRINT the book.

The money is suppose to be an investment. Although I appreciate every contribution as a donation for the arts and children's education. It is very important to me that you get a copy in return. That's why every person, who'll donate the a minimum of 25 EUR, will receive a copy in return once it's finished.












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